Border Publishing - a brief history

Founded in May 2003 by journalists Howard Gudgeon and Catherine Waterfall, Border Publishing's first magazine hit the newsstands in September of that year, with the launch of country lifestyle title Country & Border Life. Originally a bi-monthly publication covering the likes of Oswestry, Ellesmere, Llangollen and Welshpool in the Welsh Borders, it was immediately in great demand. And as enquiries from further afield grew, so did the area of distribution. By the spring of 2004, Country & Border Life had become a monthly publication, and by the autumn of the same year it was reaching well into Mid and North Wales, the company having moved into its Oswestry offices in order to cope with the rapid growth. By 2006 the magazine was being sold throughout Wales and the four Border Counties of Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. Today Welsh Border Life - as it has since been renamed - is the best-selling magazine for the region.

Expansion was inevitable, and 2008 saw the launch of Border Business - a free magazine for the local business community. But as a country lifestyle publisher, the passion for business journalism just wasn't there. Instead, in 2009, two issues of Welsh Coastal Life were trialled, both of which were well-received by readers and advertisers alike. As a result, the new title launched in full glossy mode as a bi-monthly publication in the spring of 2010 - a year which saw sales of Border Publishing titles pass the 300,000 mark. With its March 2011 issue, Welsh Coastal Life went monthly.

In all this time, a loyal and dedicated niche audience of rural and semi-rural readers with a passion for their lives in the towns and countryside of Wales and the Borders has been carved out of nothing, and with it the natural home for a cross-border culture has emerged.


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