Border Publishing's philosophy on successful returns for advertisers is based on quality first and foremost. When it comes to glossies, newsstand readers are paying customers - the best type! - which is why we produce the best regional content, editorial content that readers are prepared to pay good money for.

But we don't just invest in the best content to attract the best readers. To attract the best advertisers, we need the best account managers, which is why our advertising team is trained to offer the best in customer care. It's something co-founder and creative director Howard Gudgeon is so passionate about, he positively encourages all advertising clients - from classifieds to double page spreads - to go straight to him should ever standards of customer care not meet expectations (click here for Howard's contact details).

For information on readership, circulation, advertising rates and artwork specifications, please email, stating which publication you are interested in. Alternatively telephone 01691 662709 and ask for a member of the advertising team on that particular title.


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